PA/PE or Laminated Vacuum Bags

Barrier and high barrier. Thicknesses between 50μ and 300μ

Heat Shrinkable Bags

Shrinkable bags are produced to cover a varied range of applications – the packaging of meat products, fish and fermented cheeses.

Polyamid Casings

The polyamide membranes  are multilayer casings, made of PA polyamide and PE polyethylene.


Food absorbents/pads will help you keep your meat fresh longer. The fresh and appetizing presentation are signs of the quality of the goods.


PET/PE ///mono Pet /// PP trays are designed to be used in the packaging process with the modified atmosphere, which ensures the food an extended validity.

PSE Trays

Available in a varied range of models, we manage to offer complete packaging solutions for fresh, semi-prepared foods and frozen products.

Flexible Films

The flexible Thermoforming films type PA/PE/// PP/PA/PE or PP/PE sold by our company have the following main characteristics

Rigid Films

APET or APET/PE rigid films are used for the production of packaging using a thermoforming process, ideal for packaging in trays, blisters, special forms existing on the customer’s machine.

Superior Films for Packaging in Modified Atmosphere

FILMS for sealing trays, rigid packages or thermoforming films are specially designed for the food industry and not only, having the following main characteristics

Superior Films for Vacuum Packaging

Superior films for VACUUM packaging offer the following properties

Flow Pack Film

FILMS for Flow-Pack in laminated or non-laminated versions offer the following properties

Microperforated Flow Pack Film

Flow pack packaging can also be done in micro-perforated films, films intended especially for raw-dried products, leguminous products, bakery products, products that require air transfer – “let the product breathe”