Poultry and eggs are among the most widely consumed foods in the world, with very diverse cultures, traditions and religions. Consumption of poultry meat, and food of animal origin in general, has seen a fast increase over the last decades. Demand growth has been mostly driven by population growth, urbanisation and revenue growth in the case of developing countries. Chicken is the one that dominates meat consumption, being generally at accessible prices, low in fat, and facing few religious and cultural barriers. Poultry meat, especially chicken breasts, contributes to our nutrition by providing high quality protein and low fat content with an ideal fatty acid profile.

Estimates show that demand for poultry meat will continue to grow due to the increase of population and increased individual consumption, and this is one of the reasons why C & C Food Packaging wants to provide you with high quality chicken meat products, at the highest standards, from chicken breast, boneless chicken breast, chicken minced meat, meat minced meat or mechanically separated chicken. Chicken has become more and more sought after, leading to a significant increase in production and sales. Meat products have the highest share (over 70%) and are steadily increasing. When it comes to Romanian cuisine, the category of basic dishes in the menu structure contains a great deal of minced meat foods, prepared either from a simple mix or from one associated with vegetables or sauces. The actual mince is a basic composition, resulting from shredding the meat  with the use of tools, machines and special equipment. C & C Food Packaging offer you meat processing equipment at the best price-quality ratio with the latest technology, dedicated to your needs.