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The benefits of poultry meat

Poultry and eggs are among the most widely consumed foods in the world, with very diverse cultures, traditions and religions. Consumption of poultry meat, and food of animal origin in general, has seen a fast increase over the last decades. Demand growth has been mostly driven by population growth, urbanisation and revenue growth in the […]

Poultry meat processing

Among the daily concerns and occupations of people, there has been, over time, the production and preparation of products in order to provide food and feed the body. Throughout history, nutrition has constantly evolved and developed closely with the occupations and activities of people and societies. Thus, in addition to social, economic or administrative activities, […]

What is MDM Meat?

Of all the variety of animal-based products that provide food for people, meat ranks first, given its high content of nutrients, protein, fat, vitamins and mineral salts, and also high digestibility. Another aspect that contributes significantly to the popularity of this kind of food is the suitability of meat and meat products to preserve.  With […]